Inna Kallioinen

Promoting sustainable development for environment, well-being, economy and culture

Inna Kallioinen is a 29-year lawyer and Master of Laws. Previously, she has studied information networks science at Aalto University.

Inna Kallioinen feels passionate about employment, entrepreneurship and education. In addition, public safety and prevention of youth exclusion are her main interests.

Kallioinen is a member of the city council and the city government of her hometown Kerava. She acts as a chairman of the council group of Center Party in Kerava.

She is also a member of the council of the welbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava.

On a national level, she is a member of the council of Finnish Center Party. Earlier, she was a vice-chairman and international officer of the student organization of Finnish Center Party (Centre Students Finland) in 2019.

Inna Kallioinen has done her internship in 2018 in the European Parliament at office of parliament member Anneli Jäätteenmäki, who is a previous prime minister of Finland.

“I want to participate in developing the sustainable vitality of Finland so that we will have a good welfare state in the future too”, says Inna Kallioinen.

Center Party activist Eeva Karvinen has collaborated with Inna during years in local political endeavors. She characterizes her friend as follows: “Inna Kallioinen is tenacious, solution-oriented and resourceful person. She is the voice of the young generation. She listens to other people’s opinions, she familiarizes herself with issues carefully and comprehends complex entities easily.”

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